Individuality - St.Care Service

Individuality - St.Care Service


We understand that some skin are a very sensitive or acne prone. Either it is genetically or due to different stage of life like puberty or pregnancy.

These types of skin require special care and, therefore, we also provide “St.Care” TM tailor-made cosmetic service for different needs and requirements.

Our customers can have their skin condition tested at their doctor or dermatologist for their skin type, allergies and / or treatment requirements; alternatively, customers can choose one of our appointed dermatologists to arrange such consultation. We will create a confidential customer portfolio with all the detailed information in our system. Our Chemist professionals then review base on the information to individualise a formula suitable to each customer. In other word, you have your own cosmetic products made just for you!

If you feel this is something that you have always wanted, please simply register your interest with us using the registration page, or send us an email enquiry for a quote or ask any questions, concerns that you may have. Our friendly sales consultants will get in touch with you and guide you through the process.